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National Grange and Michigan State Grange met May 22

By Jackie Bishop, Battle Creek Enquirer, Michigan (5/24/10)

  MAY 26, 2010 --

A state-wide Grange meeting was held all day Saturday, May 22nd at Home Grange in Michigan. The National Master was present the entire day, and provided a National Grange update, as well as a challenge to each person attending to implement new ideas to grow the grange. This visit is part of the National Master's tour in 2010 of each Grange state.

In addition, the Michigan State Grange department leaders provided information regarding their programs: Lecturer- Sharon Popler, Community Service- Mary Houghton and Sue Wagner, Membership-Richard Hazen, Women's Activities - Chris Quimby, Deaf Awareness Lois Nichols, Legislative Jeff Swainston, and Youth & Junior Jeff Swainston.

Approximately 50 people attended and went home to their Granges with many new ideas.


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