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Membership News
Developing leaders... Get them involved!

By Cynthia Charbonneau, State Membership Committee

  JUNE 2010 --

It's a funny thing about going to Grange meetings: you go through the meeting, have a social hour afterwards and then leave for home. Over the years, or so, you tend to get into this routine. It's inevitable.

Then comes election night - the cold chill of panic starts to run down your back: Who's going to run for office, who's going to rise up in the chairs? Who's going to be the next president of your Subordinate or Pomona Grange?

If you, as a leader of your Grange can't answer that, then perhaps it's time to start thinking about developing the next leaders in your Grange. It's not that hard.

It usually starts with finding out member's strengths and weaknesses, what are their interests or hobbies, where would they like to see themselves in the next five years? Urge them to join or head a committee. Ask them to run a special event or fair.

In other words - get them involved.



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