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By National Grange Action Alert (3/30/10)

  MARCH 30, 2010 --

National Grange Members have been selected to participate in a public opinion poll conducted by Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), a non-profit organization composed of scientific societies and many individual, student, company, non-profit, and associate society members, a non-partisan polling organization.

The poll addresses current and proposed legal mandates regarding food animal production practices, as they impact food animal producers of all sizes and their communities. Information gathered through this survey will be summarized and presented on the first day of the annual CAST symposium. This year's theme is Sustaining Animal Agriculture: Balancing Bioethical Economic and Social Issues. The purpose of the symposium is to explore the intended and unintended consequences of state ballot initiatives, and other legal mandates, regarding animal welfare issues. The symposium proceedings will include a summary of these results and will be available on USDA web sites and the CAST web site www.cast-science.org.

It is short and should take you only 5-7 minutes to complete. All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for legitimate research purposes. The survey responses will only be summarized at the state level and according to size and type of farm. If that information is not available then it will only be summarized by state. In no case will it be possible to identify a farm or stakeholder. Participation is strictly voluntary and confidential.

This survey will allow a more accurate identification of the impact of intended and unintended consequences of various food animal production ballot, regulatory, and legislative initiatives in the United States.

To take the survey, click on this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2B2HKJ8



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