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Agriculture / Conservation News
Time to start your seeds

By Morris Buck, State Agriculture Committee

  MAY 2010 --

Now is the time of year to start your seeds in a greenhouse or cold frame. A cold frame can be set in front of a cellar window so that you will have access to it from the cellar. Insulate the box, if possible. Make sure that it is sealed to the house with heavy stakes keeping it in place. It should also have a way of ventilating it. Dig a section deep enough and loose enough to contain the bottom of the box and use the soil that you removed from the section to seal the edges of the box. Put trays or boxes in the bottom to keep the flats off of the cold ground.

A small greenhouse can also be built to the size that suits your needs. The heat you use in the greenhouse can be tailored to suit your wallet. A propane heater, wood stove, etc. can be used to heat the unit.

Put your benches up on blocks, etc, if possible. Direct the heat below the benches and be able to ventilate.

Transplant the seedlings to pots when 1-1/2" - 2-1/2", with four leaves. The plants can be put outside daily to harden them up.

Happy Gardening!


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