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National Grange News
National Grange Leadership Tip of the Month
  JANUARY 2010 --

There are three A's that every leader needs to work on in themselves: attitude, attention and action. If all leaders would work on making these three A's top priorities in all projects they lead they would all become very successful. 


This is the foundation to all that you do. It will set the tone for everyone else. You need to choose to be positive because a negative attitude will only lead to trouble. A leader that chooses to be positive and always look on the bright side will rub off on those that are following. Our attitude needs to be open and welcoming. We need to listen to all comments and ideas, which will make everyone feel important. Open communication usually helps in avoiding problems later on because it allows you to see potential problems. Good leaders are ones that have that can-do attitude. They deal with problems and work through trying times; always staying focused on the team and the project. And last, but not at all the least, our attitude needs to be fun and enjoyable. If the leader is having fun, then the rest of the team will be free to have fun and enjoy them selves. After all enjoying ourselves makes the time go faster and the work seem worthwhile. 


We, as good leaders, need to remember who we are and what our principles and values are and be able to express them to the outside world. We need to have a clear vision of what we are trying to accomplish and ensure that it builds upon our principles and values. Leaders always need to remember that non-members' and potential new members' perception of us is made of the things they see and hear. We must make sure that what they see and hear from us represents our principles, values and vision. One way to accomplish this is by our publicity. Whatever the media you are working with, i.e. TV, radio, newspapers, flyers, websites, or just word of mouth, leaders must set an example of what to say how to speak, and how to act, so that everyone is able to see who we are and what principles and values the Grange is made of. 


Winners act! The Grange is a winner and the most successful Granges act: they do something. Successful Granges have strong leaders that don't expect others to do something for them; instead they get out there and do it for themselves. They lead; they get their hands dirty by doing whatever it takes; they involve others and encourage them into action also. Action is the antidote to despair. The first thing to getting a Grange back on its feet when revitalizing is to get some kind of action started. It doesn't matter how big or small the action is, it just matters that there is some action. Our actions lead to opportunities for fun, which brings groups closer together. Leading a team in a project is very rewarding when you can see that thru the actions of the team others are learning responsibility. Active people and Granges attract other active people. We all want more doers in our Granges. By doing more activities and getting more folks involved, you can attract more active members. Granges that have not done many activities don't generally have the best attitudes. In my experience, When a Grange starts becoming more active, their attitudes improve. 

As leaders we set the direction for all meetings, projects, programs, and activities. We need to be mindful of this because others will adopt the example we set. Many of you are doing "Triple A" and for that the Grange thanks you. Others need to working on adding one or two more of the A's, but we all need to continue to work on all three: attitude, attention, and action if we are to continue to grow in our leadership skills.


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