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Discover the Diversity of Connecticut Agriculture
  OCTOBER 2009 --

• Farming history and contemporary public policy are focus of program

Connecticut's rich agricultural tradition dates to its earliest settlement. From the first days of small subsistence farming through its development into an economic mainstay, Connecticut farmers and the farming way of life helped build the state, give sustenance to millions, and provide state residents with a special sense of place.

Today, however, many say that the future of farming in Connecticut is at risk. Others see transformation and resurgence.

Working the Land, a new documentary now available on DVD from SimonPure Productions, tells the compelling story of state agriculture - from its earliest history to its present-day diversity. The program also explores trends affecting farming in the state and the public policy that shapes its future. Along the way, we visit many picturesque state farms and meet the farmers who work the land and waters of Connecticut.

Acclaimed actor Sam Waterston narrates the documentary.

The nature of farming and the beautiful landscapes infuse Working the Land with visual material that ranges from charming to spectacular. Archival photographs and film footage are combined with newly shot material to help bring the story to life.

The program is produced, written and directed by Ken Simon, executive producer and principal at SimonPure Productions in East Haddam. Simon's previous historical documentaries have won three Emmy Awards and 17 nominations.

Working the Land is a co-production of SimonPure Productions and Connecticut Humanities Council. It has aired several times on Connecticut Public Television and is the latest program in The Connecticut Experience documentary series, a collaboration of CPTV and Connecticut Humanities Council that explores themes, events and personalities from state history.

To order a DVD of Working the Land, please go to http://www.workingtheland.com.



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