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March News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  MARCH 7, 2023 --

March 10: Ritual Program

March 24: Lecturer’s Program State Contest Entry

Our Charter was draped in loving memory of Alton “Mac” Gray in January. Mac joined our Grange in 1948 and will be sadly missed.

The program for our one meeting in January was an exciting game of “Hollywood Squares”. The program was in the charge of Jeff and Debbie Barnes and they had invited a bevy of celebrities to be in the “Square.” Gold, Pink and Green sashes from Connecticut and Rhode Island as well as town dignitaries were present.  Nine of them sat in three lines of three chairs in the center of the hall. Emcee Jeff read questions tailored for each dignitary. Our Grange members were the contestants and members of the “Square” held up a large X or O depending on whether other contestant agreed or disagreed with their answer to each question. There was a great deal of laughter as some of our dignitaries came up with very interesting answers to their questions. Jeff and Deb also had refreshments that evening and everyone left with happy tummies and smiling faces.

In March we are back to two meetings a month (weather permitting). Sue always tests our knowledge on Ritual Night, and her prize-winning programs are always a delight. And if anyone finds the patent for the fire hydrant, please let Jamie know because it seems to be missing.



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