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Dec 2022 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  DECEMBER 28, 2022 --

Jan. 13:  I Haven’t Got “Hollywood Squares”

Jan. 27: Snow Date for January

In November we purchased food for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner for each of eight needy families in our town and gift certificates to help  many  local  families  have a happier  Christmas.  We  delivered dictionaries to third graders in our local public school as well as the two private schools in town. The children  are  always  very  excited when  we  visit  and  deliver  the books. Cheree Miner makes special Grange stickers for us to place in the front of each book to indicate they were gifts from our Grange. The   children’s thank-you notes tell of all  the  exciting  facts  they discover in “A Student’s Dictionary.” Our one program in November was hosted by Cheree Miner who told  us  all  about  the  history  of Veterans’ Day, showing us pictures of many very fascinating memorials. We  hold  only  one  meeting  in January   and   one   in   February, saving the fourth Friday for a snow date in case of inclement weather on the second one. And if the dreaded white stuff will just hold off until spring, next time we’ll tell you all about delicious December.


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