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October News from Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15

By Todd Gelineau

  October 14, 2022 --

By this writing, all of the Granges within Mountain Laurel Pomona should have received their new 2022-2023 Mountain Laurel Pomona Handbooks. The cost of printing these books is being absorbed by the Pomona this year. This may not be the case next year as the Pomona may ask Granges to pay for the books they receive. Please distribute them to all of your members and use them as a tool to keep your members updated on your upcoming meetings and to know how to contact the various officers and committees of your Granges.

With the approach of State Session, we are seeing the close of State Master George Russell’s term in office.  We have been proud to have George represent Mountain Laurel Pomona so well these past four years and wish both Sharon and George all the best as he retires from the Master’s station.

If the election goes as expected, Mountain Laurel will have the rare distinction of back to back State Masters from the same Pomona. We’ll see if history is written in October!

Due to a conflict, Mountain Laurel’s Executive Committee had to select a new delegate in place of Rob Buck. Brother Peter Keefe will serve as delegate with Pomona Lecturer Debbie Vail. Brother Buck will be a delegate for Oxford Grange #194.

The next meeting of Mountain Laurel will be held at Winchester Grange Hall on December 3 at 2:00 P.M. This will be “Christmas Fun” and a collection of hats and gloves/ mittens for the tree will be taken up at the meeting.



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