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Aug 2022 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  August 9, 2022 --

Aug. 12: Outdoor Sports

Aug. 26: Dance

At our June 10 meeting we elected the same slate of officers so Robert Miner will lead our Grange for another year. Jeff Barnes and Nancy Weissmuller presented our entry in the A-Number contest during the Lecturer’s Hour.

Our picnic was held on June 24 with 13 in attendance. Mike and Carl manned the grill, and all enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs and cheeseburgers cooked to perfection. A nice variety of salads, side dishes and desserts completed the meal. Sue had a scavenger hunt and word game for us, and Mike brought a corn hole game. Everyone missed Fred’s beans, but he promises to try to be there next year.

The program for the first meeting in August will be in the charge of the men while the ladies will bring the refreshments. At the second meeting the tables will be turned with the ladies handling the program and the men bringing the eats. And if all the little trees that shot up on our lawn during No Mow May keep growing so we never have to mow again, next time I’ll tell you all about jolly July!



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