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April 2022 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  April 5, 2022 --

Apr. 8: Game Night

Apr. 22: Community Citizen Program

Our one meeting in February celebrated Valentine’s Day. The Secretary  gave  a   short   history of the legend of Saint Valentine, followed by a quiz (provided by the Lecturer) on various candies cut in half. One of the candies depicted (but unrecognizable to this writer) was a “peep”. As a side note to this, a trip to the local grocery store last week uncovered something new in the world of peeps. Four of them skewered on a stick have become “Peep Pops.”  After  the  meeting all adjourned downstairs to make valentines. Members constructed many beautiful cards from the paper, doilies, glitter, lace, feathers, stickers, etc. provided for the task. All were encouraged to enter their best effort in a contest, with three winners receiving prizes. Debbie’s delicious refreshments added to the fun. The cards were delivered to a local nursing home on Valentine’s Day. Game night should be lots of fun. Hope to see a large crowd there. Our Community Citizen will be honored on the 22nd. We will also present seals and certificates to longtime members that evening. And if the ice from that last horrible storm will just melt from my parking area, next time we will tell you all about marvelous March.



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