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Dec 2021 News from North Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  DECEMBER 7, 2021 --

Dec. 10: “Here Comes Santa Claus,” meeting at 7:30 followed by Party.

Dec. 17: Caroling around town

Dec.  24: No  Meeting.   Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Sadly, our circle is again broken with the death of James  Patton. We will miss him.

Our sincere thanks to Jason Miner who cleaned our hall from top to bottom in early October. Boy! Do we shine!

Our Halloween Party was a great success. The hall resounded with laughter and shouts as the fifteen children present, ages 3 to 13, competed in games like “Pass the Pumpkin”, “Dem Bones”, and “Feed Freddy.”

Cheers broke out when somebody finally managed to ring one of the sparkly witch’s hats. Kathy Tefft, dressed as a fuzzy pink  bunny, led the games for us this year. Costumes ranged from the beautiful to the scary and all children were awarded prizes. Did you ever think of dressing up as a spiderweb? That one was awarded “Most original”! Cheree’s refreshments were outstanding. Everything was presented in a COVID-safe manner, and they were definitely enjoyed by the 35 people present. One excited child asked if there was going to be a Thanksgiving party and was told he would have to wait until Christmas.

Speaking of our Christmas party; be sure to bring a wrapped present clearly marked with the name of each child coming to the party and leave the gifts in the kitchen for Santa’s bag. We will hold a brief meeting at 7:30 P.M. and the party should begin by 8:00. Weather permitting, we will carol and deliver fruit baskets on the 17th.

We send greetings and get well wishes to those in our family who are “under the weather” and hope they will be back with us soon. And if the leaves that are covering our driveway will just blow away on their own, next time we will tell you all about nifty November.



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