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March 2021 News from North Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  March 9, 2021 --

Mar. 12: Ritual Program

Mar.  26: Lecturer’s Program - State Contest Entry

We haven’t held any meetings and everything is quiet, so I send my thoughts in a poem.



Nancy R. Weissmuller

I have nothing to do. I’ve nothing to say.

These walls look the same as they looked yesterday.

The restaurants are closed.

There’s no movie to see.

And I’m sick of the bad news they spout on TV.

We can’t leave the house. They give us no choice

And I’d give my right arm just to hear a friend’s voice.

The loneliness gets almost too much to bear

When you so need a friend and there’s nobody there.

I can’t do a thing except eat and then sleep.

And hope those old programs won’t cause me to weep.

The TV holds nothing of any ap- peal.

And all I can think of is “When’s my next meal?”

Oh how I would like to break free from these bounds!

At the end of this thing I’ll have gained twenty pounds!

If this darn old pandemic will just set us free

I’d love to get back to the old used-to-be!


And if the big storm that is looming on the horizon will just let us keep our power, next time we will tell you all about fantastic February.



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