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May 2020 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  May 6, 2020 --

May 8: “…and a girl and a guy”

May 22: Memorial Program

We held our first meeting in March and it was lots of fun. It was Ritual Night and Sue scheduled the Literary Program before the meeting was called to order. We were met at the door with pencils and pads and walked into a hall that looked like it had been shaken by a giant and everything had landed willy-nilly. Our job was to write down all the things that were wrong.   We found that we were a lot more knowledgeable than we thought we were.   We found and rectified all the mistakes. Sue then reminded us of some of the beautiful lessons of the fi Four Degrees.  This was followed by a quiz and a lively game of Dictionary on song titles from The Patron.

Our second meeting in March was canceled due to the strange goings-on in the world. We now know there will be no meetings in April.  Whether the ban will be extended further no one knows. Let’s hope not. As it is, the May meetings, should they be held, will be on a come and find out basis. Hope to see you there. And if the world will just settle back to normal, next time we hope to have some happy tidings to relate.



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