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Around The Grange
January 2020 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  January 7, 2020 --

Jan. 10: “... the moon up above”

Jan. 24: Snow date for Jan. 10.

Welcome to our two new members, Carl Johnston and Arlie Chapman.

We delivered food to help 12 needy families in our town have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks to Elisha and Morgan Riley and Jason Miner for their help with the shopping.

Sue has taught us a great deal about the flowers and the trees in our two November meetings. The entire floor was again covered with her map of the world showing forests around the globe.

I wrote this poem after the beautiful Memorial Service by our State Chaplain. It is my hope it will bring you the peace I felt after writing it.


The Candle

When we become a candle

Upon the Altar there,

Our friends will stand around us

With heads bent down in prayer.

They’ll think of all the memories

We shared throughout the years.

Their hearts will ache in sorrow,

Their eyes will fill with tears.

But tell them not to grieve for us

For in the Grange above,

We’re with our friends from long ago,

Surrounded by their love.



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