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Community Service News
Community Service News: 45,982 Hours of Service

By Noal & Marcia Miller, Directors

  December 1, 2019 --

This year we had 19 Community Granges reported on their Community Service project for the year 2019. Our Grangers did 45,982 hours of Com- munity Service and 3,032 hours from non-Grangers. One Junior Grange entered with 1,000 hours and 1,000 non-Granger’s hours.

We congratulate the winners:

(With Members 50 or More)

1-  Ekonk Community Grange #89

2-  Cheshire Grange #23

3-  Riverton Grange #169

(With Members 49 or Less)

1-  Beacon Valley Grange #103

2-  Stonington Grange #168

3-  Vernon Grange #52

And Ekonk Community Junior Grange #101 for first prize Junior Grange.

Keep up the good work and follow the do’s and don’ts rules in filling out your reports.

The Fire Fighter, Police, and Teacher Awards are a good program to submit entries, remember for next year.

The $150 Grant for new Community Service Project is still available this is free money to jump start a new project.

The Wi-Fi Grant for $250.00 will allow your Grange to get hooked up to the internet for video conferences, email, and other uses. We need a request and a copy of the meeting minutes containing the motion for this Grant to be submitted to the State Community Service Committee.

Keep up the good work and get started for the New Year.



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