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November 2019 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  November 5, 2019 --

Nov. 8: “... and the Flowers”

Nov. 22: “... and the Trees”

It was a fairly quiet September, which was much appreciated after a very busy summer. As no officers changed we had no  need for installation and Sue launched her programs for the year. So far we have learned a great deal about the birds and the bees- no, no, not that. We learned that both the wild birds and bees have been declining too rapidly due to climate change and other environmental factors. Sue’s programs are very interesting and informative. Come and join us as we go on to the flowers and the trees in November.

At this reading we will have enjoyed our Halloween party and distributed dictionaries to all the third graders in town. We know we have been doing this for quite a few years, because our Gatekeeper, a sophomore in college, told us that he remembers with pride receiving his dictionary. And if this wonderful fall weather will just continue until the end of December, next time we will tell you all about optimistic October.



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