Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Around The Grange
July 2019 News from Lyme Grange No. 147

By Lois Evankow

  July 7, 2019 --

July 4: Omit – Happy Birthday America

July 11: Celebrating the 4th a week later

Aug. 1: Dog Days of summer. Picnic at 6:30

Sept. 5: Installation. How did we do this year?

On a wonderful, no rain evening in June we had our election. All chairs were filled with the exception of Secretary and Treasurer. Hopefully they will be filled by our July meeting.

Our food and plant sale netted $1,062.00. It was wonderful how everyone comes together to work on a project. Many thanks to all the hard workers who gave of their time and talent to make it such a success.

The Eagle Scouts are still busy. Latest project was a horseshoe throwing facility at the senior citizen center. Troup 26 will be camping on Mt. Washington later this month. Hopefully the weather will behave and they don’t freeze.

A cake was fired up and Happy Birthday was sung to Amy Wininger as her birthday fell on our meeting night.

Looking forward to lazy, hazy days of summer. We report on July’s meetings next month.


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