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North Stonington Grange News for Jan. 2019

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  JANUARY 9, 2019 --

Cheree and Jason Miner, Elisha and Morgan Riley and Nancy Weissmuller had fun shopping for our eight Thanksgiving families.  Thanks to Morgan our families enjoyed some chocolate sweets this year along with the staples.  Many thanks to Fred Leary for replacing the cranky clock over our piano.  The new one looks (and works) great!

There are so many members on the DL (baseball fans know that dreaded term) there is not room in these 200 words to list them.  Suffice it to say that we send get well wishes to all of them and hope to see them up and about soon.

Sue put on a very enjoyable program on “Horsepower” that had Jason sitting among the contents of a covered wagon in the middle of the hall floor – a graphic illustration that had us wondering how all of it could possibly fit in one wagon.  Her next program will be as interesting, we are sure.  Please come.  We meet only once in January and February to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of our New England weather.  And if Santa will just remember to fill our stockings this year next time I’ll tell you about delightful December.

Jan. 11:  “Pedal Power” Trikes, Bikes and Motorbikes

Jan. 25:  Snow Date for Jan. 11

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