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November 2018 News from North Stonington Comm. Grange

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  November 8, 2018 --

Nov. 9: “Horsepower”

Nov. 23: No Meeting,

Happy Thanksgiving!  The Barnes/Cameron Team installed Robert Miner and his slate of officers on Sept. 14. Cheree Miner was guest pianist and Nancy Weissmuller was guest soloist. All officers with the exception of Chaplain returned to office. Dot Gurney, our longtime Chaplain decided to retire and Mike Riley Sr. was elected to the office. We thank Dot for her many years of dedicated service and we miss her.

Sue’s programs this year all have something to do with “Motion.” Our Sept. 28 program dealt with bi-pedal motion. With the Yankee- Red Sox game on Jason’s laptop during refreshments we all used our bi-pedal motion to race downstairs to watch the game after the meeting.

Dues are due. Hopefully the Secretary will have the dues notices sent out by the time this paper hits the streets. A list of the year’s programs will be sent with your paid dues receipts. And if all this rain will just go away and not come another day for a long time, next time we’ll tell you all about optimistic October.



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