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From The Lecturer's Desk
Do what you can to help our Granges succeed

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer/Program Director

  NOVEMBER 2008 --

Because The Grange Is:
A fraternal organization, for men and women,
Rich in heritage and tradition;
Dedicated to God, country and family;
Committed to public service & helping those in need;
A welcoming and appreciative atmosphere;
A place for fellowship;
A political-action committee;
“A Family”.
The above is the first place winner in our Essay Contest written by Susan Carol Sulier of Trumbull Grange.  Other winners were: 2nd Ethel Harris of Coventry Grange and 3rd Norman Stitham of Old Lyme Grange.  Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest.  You were all winners in my book.  Next years essay will be “What The Grange Means To Me” and for those who had trouble staying under 50 words, we have increased the length to 100 words.  Good Luck.
It was good to see so many of you at State Session.  I hope you all had an enjoyable time renewing old friendships and making new ones.  Congratulations to everyone who received awards.  Lecturers play an important role in the success of our Granges.  And if you are not Lecturer, remember, they cannot do it alone.  Ask any of our Honor Lecturers and I bet they will say it was the effort of the whole Grange.  We all need to work together to make the Grange prosper.
Our Complete Programs this year were titled “To Serve”.  Numbers from all of the programs will be shared in the Lecturer’s Newsletters.  There is a lot of valuable information in these booklets.  The winners in this contest were:  1st  Susan Pianka, North Stonington Community Grange; 2nd Barbara Kulisch, Old Lyme Grange; and 3rd Ethel Harris, Coventry Grange.  Next year these programs will be entitled “As American As Apple Pie.
Think of today as the first day of the rest of your life and make a promise to yourself to do what you can to help our Granges succeed.  Get out and visit.  I know it takes extra effort to get dressed and head out the door, but the rewards are many.  Do you have talent – share it with another Grange.  Help fill in wherever needed.  See something interesting, but don’t know what to do with the information – tell your Lecturer about it.  Together we can make a difference.
See You Around The State.


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