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October News from North Stonington Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  October 10, 2017 --

Oct. 13: “The Strength of a Nation Derives from the Integrity of the Home”

Oct. 27: “Everything has Beauty but not Everyone Sees It”

The men had the program on August 11. We learned a lot about cats, tried to figure out how to tie a knot in a string without letting go of either end, took a test on antique tools and puzzles over how you could fish with your foot. (You had to be there.) On the 25th the ladies took over. Three guys tried to stack nuts (the metal kind) with a skewer, listened with awe to an inspiring speech, tried to get untangled from our partner (string again!), heard a rendition of The Emperor’s New Clothes, danced the Alley Cat and took a “cat” quiz. Look at all the fun you’re missing if you’re not at the meetings.

Our October 13 program is in the hands of the Legislative Committee. Hopefully Nick will have some good news for us. Start getting your costumes ready for the annual Halloween Party on the 27th. There will be prizes for costumes, games, contests, spooky refreshments and a cup social. Bring all the kids and grandkids! No meeting, just fun for all. Party starts at 7:30. And if those pesky hurricanes forming off Africa will just stay away from us, next time I’ll tell you all about super September.


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