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Around The Grange
August News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  August 9, 2017 --

Aug. 11: “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

Aug. 25: “And Satisfaction Brought Him Back”

Election of Officers returned Robert Miner to the Master’s Chair. Charlie Pianka will take over for long-time Treasurer Fritz Rauch. Many thanks to Fritz for his years of faithful service to our Grange. Debbie Barnes will serve as our Ceres and Cheree Miner as our Flora. Other Officers remain the same.

Our picnic was enjoyed by a brave group who scorned dire warnings of thunderstorms for the evening. Delicious side dishes augmented the hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by our staff of chefs extraordinaire. Sue was under the weather but Charlie came prepared to lead the children’s games. Unfortunately no little ones came to the picnic this year and the party broke up before those pesky mosquitoes began their yearly blood hunt.

We are pleased to announce that Sue Pianka placed third in the State Talent Contest and Jeff Barnes and Nancy Weissmuller placed first in the A-Number Contest.

Our August 11 program is in the charge of the men with the ladies providing the refreshments. August 25 turns the tables and the ladies provide the entertainment and the gentlemen regale us with their culinary skills. Please join us for two very pleasant evenings.

We would like to send a big thank you to Paul and Heather Ames for the beautiful flowers gracing the half barrels in front of our hall. They do this every year and it adds so much to the beauty of our grounds. And if those poor, old barrels will just hold together for one more season, next time I’ll tell you all about joyous July.


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