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Around The Grange
June News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  June 8, 2017 --

June 9: “Variety is the Spice of Life”

June 23: “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”

We were happy to welcome State Lecturer Marge Bernhardt and State CWA member Mary Lou Raymond to our meeting on April 28. Marge helped us present awards to our Community Citizen, Mike Riley, President of the North Stonington Agricultural Fair, and longtime members Charlie Burger III (40 years) and Jeff Barnes and Michael Ames (Silver Star). We laughed as Jeff portrayed Mike struggling to get through a typical fair; and a few of us were entranced to hear the call of a whip-poor-will outside our hall.

There will be a short program on spices at our June 9 meeting; but the important business of the evening will be election of officers. On June 23 we will hold our annual picnic. Hamburgers, hot dogs and soda are provided by the Grange. Please bring a dish to share. Sue will have lots of games for the youngsters; and we oldsters can sit around and watch the sun set over the fairgrounds and listen to the laughter. Festivities begin at 6:30 under the pavilion. Please come. And if those darn gypsy moths will just move out into the Atlantic Ocean, next time we’ll tell you all about the merry month of May.


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