Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Around The Grange
May News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  May 10, 2017 --

May 12: “Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone”

May 26: “The Best of Friends Must Part”

Our March 10 program was lost to a snowstorm so we exchanged Officers on March 24. Ellie Banker proved herself to be an able Master. It’s always fun to see the gentlemen take over positions traditionally reserved for the fairer sex (isn’t it, Ted)? Sue’s crossword puzzle on ritual was a real challenge for some of us.

On May 12 Christopher Cleland from American Senior Benefits will present a program on Social Security and Medicare. Don’t miss this one! It could save you some money. Our Memorial Program will be presented on May 26. Our meetings are open to all. Please come and invite a friend. And if this nice, wet spring will just rid us of those nasty gypsy moth eggs, next time I’ll tell you all about awesome April.


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