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April News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  April 23, 2017 --

Apr. 4: “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”

Apr. 28: “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”

We are sorry to report that we have lost another member to the Great Grange Above. Frances Miner, mother of our Master, passed away on March 4. Frances joined our Grange when Westerly Grange closed in 1988 and has been an active, dedicated member of our Grange ever since, serving as our Ceres for many years. She will be sadly missed.

We are happy to report that we have four new members. Elisha and Mike Reilly, Jr., Yvonne Johnson and Fred Leary were welcomed into our Grange on Feb. 24. Sue Pianka played the piano to our entry in the Talent Contest and Jeff Barnes and Nancy Weissmuller performed a skit for the A-Number contest. As it was game night, a lively game of Trivial Pursuit was played downstairs during refreshments.

Our April 28 meeting will honor longtime members and our Community Citizen. We hope you will come and visit us and enjoy our newly refurbished hall. And if Old Man Winter doesn’t decide to return and freeze those daffodils that are budding in the front yard, next time we will tell you all about awesome April.


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