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Around The Grange
March News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  March 8, 2017 --

March 10: “Look Before You Leap”

March 24: “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”

Our painter has finished the upstairs hall, and a wonderful job he did. We have done some rearranging and cleaning out; and the place shines like a new (blue) penny. He will now move on to the downstairs ceiling. That should be finished by the middle of February. Many thanks to Debbie Barnes for heading this project.

Our January program was in the charge of the Agriculture Committee. Jason Miner presented a very intriguing PowerPoint program on “Bomb Sniffing Spinach.” Make sure you ask Jason about it when you next see him.

The subject of our March 10 program will be Officer exchange and ritual. This is always fun (albeit confusing). On March 24 we will be treated to Sue’s entry in the State Lecturer’s program. Sue’s programs have been top winners in recent years, so this is one you shouldn’t miss.

We send get well greetings to Frances Miner and Charlie Smith who have been “under the weather” lately. Hope to see them back at our meetings soon. We miss them. And if those forsythia on the dining room table will just bloom and bring a little spring into the house, next time we’ll tell you all about fabulous February.


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