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Around The Grange
February News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  February 8, 2017 --

Feb. 10: “When the Cat’s Away the Mice will Play”

Feb. 24: Snow Date for Feb. 10

Our Christmas party was a gala affair with eighteen children under the age of 12 and a count of 46 in a hall decked with tinsel. We were pleased to welcome Nancy Strong of the State Grange Education Committee to our hall. Festivities included a “left-right” game that left everyone with a special gift to take home. Santa arrived with a present for each child and apples, candy canes and ornaments for all. A hearty group of carolers braved the cold and sang and delivered fruit baskets to members and friends around town. We also presented gift certificates to Walmart to help needy families have a happier holiday.

The painter is busy and the upstairs hall and the downstairs ceiling will each sport a new coat of paint the next time you visit us. If you fi nd yourself suffering with “cabin fever” please join us on Feb. 10 for our game night. It should be lots of fun. If the weather is bad we will meet on the 24th. And if that squirrel who has learned how to pull the suet feeder down will just find another yard to play in, next time we’ll tell you all about jolly January.


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