Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Around The Grange
January News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  January 9, 2017 --

Jan. 13: “You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Breaking Eggs”

Jan. 27: Snow Date

We were disappointed that the speaker for our November meeting was unable to come but Sue assures us she will invite him for a future meeting. Sue’s substitute program, on Veteran’s Day, included lots of patriotic music and information on all the services.

Our January program will be in the charge of the Agriculture and Conservation Committee. Robert, Cheree and Jason always plan an enjoyable program. Please come. We will hold only one meeting, on the second Friday, in both January and February, with the fourth Friday being used as a snow date if necessary. And if that family of turkeys will just eat up all those acorns that are paving the back yard, next time I’ll tell you all about delightful December.


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