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Around The Grange
August News From North Stonington Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  AUGUST 7, 2016 --

Aug. 12: “Inspire Envy”

Aug. 26: “Don’t Give Up On Yourself”

We are sad to report the passing of Nancie Gray, a 65 year member of our Grange. She will be sadly missed.

Election of Officers returned many of our Officers to their former positions, led by Robert Miner as our Master. The two exceptions are our new Overseer who will be Charlie Pianka and Jason Miner, our youngest member, was elected to be our Gatekeeper. We wish them both well in their travels through the chairs. An impressive, candlelight memorial program reminded us of the sad loss of three of our members this past year.

Our picnic was well attended with 23 people enjoying a delicious potluck augmented by hot dogs and hamburgers cooked by Mike Riley, who was incited as a guest and ended up as chef extraordinaire.

Our Aug. 12 program is in the charge of the ladies with the men dishing up the refreshments; and our Aug. 26 program finds the tables turned. These are always very enjoyable evenings, with each group trying to outdo the other at the refreshment table. Hope to see a good crowd there. And if we can only get a little rain to turn our lawns green again, next time I’ll tell you all about joyous July.


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