Saturday, December 05, 2020
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Around The Grange
June News from New London County Pomona

By Nancy Weissmuller

  June 3, 2016 --

June 4: Needlework Contest, 1 P.M., Lyme Grange

June 4: Dinner, Memorial Program, Election 6 P.M., Lyme Grange

Apologies to Groton Grange for an omission in last month’s Granger. Groton did take third place in the A Number contest with a skit about why hens scratch the ground.  Colchester/Lyme took second with a skit about some piggies visiting a restaurant.

Our June meeting will begin with a dinner at Lyme Grange. This will be followed by the Memorial Program and the election of officers. Please come.

Just look at the flowers!  Look at the trees!

And listen to all those sweet birds, if you please.

They’re saying, It’s spring and all is in tune;

So don’t miss Pomona that evening in June!”


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