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Colchester Grange News for April

By Bonnie Trecarten

  APRIL 20, 2016 --

Colchester Grange welcomed guests Ted Beebe, Master of Norwich Grange, State Membership, and Steward of East Central Pomona, and Lois Evankow, Lecturer of Lyme Grange, and Flora of East Central Pomona.  As always we thank them for their many contributions to our Grange.

Our Easter Food Basket donations for our Veterans in Jewett City are in the process of being completed in cooperation with the Ladies Auxiliary and will be delivered a few days before Easter.  Thank you to all who contributed food items and greeting cards.

We continue to support the food bank in Willimantic with utensil and plastic container donations, and volunteer at Harrington Court and Apple Rehab facilities.

A Mardis Gras Celebration at Harrington Court with Cathy Russi and Eva O’Connell making and serving beignets to the residents.  Beautiful masks were given to the residents and beads were tossed out.  The party was an opportunity for residents to learn about Mardi Gras feasts and traditions and was very much enjoyed.  Thank you to Cathy and Eva for providing a great Mardi Gras party.

Don’t forget everyone to save those dollar bills with “G’s” for the State Grange to help pay for National Conventions.  Also, decorating a hat, making blueberry muffins with recipe included, and needlework crafts judging are all coming up soon.

Hope all have a nice Easter holiday.  Spring is finally here!


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