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North Stonington Comm. Grange August News

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  AUGUST 13, 2015 --

Election of Officers found all officers returning to their positions.  We must be doing a good job.  Our picnic was well attended by adults, but youngsters were in short supply.  That didn’t prevent those present from enjoying Sue’s games, while the rest of us enjoyed the food and companionship of a lovely June evening.

We are in the process of replacing our front porch/steps and back steps.  The years have taken their toll on the cement and sills of our hall.  All should be “shiny and new” by Fair time.

Our August programs are always lots of fun.  The men have the program and the ladies the refreshments on August 14th and the tables are turned on the 28th.  Hope to see a big crowd for both meetings.  And if those big, hairy gypsy moths will just move on to other chewing grounds, next time we’ll tell you about jolly July.


Aug. 14:  “Staggered”

Aug. 28:  “Thunderstruck”


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