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February News from North Stonington Community Grange

By Nancy Weissmuller

  FEBRUARY 9, 2015 --

At this writing the February programs look like this.  The first meeting will be an Officer Exchange Night and Ritual Quiz.  The last time we did this we had three gentlemen sitting at the Graces stations.  Wonder who will draw Secretary?  This is always an entertaining evening (still can’t bring myself to use “fun” as an adjective), so please come.  On the 27th we will have Andrew German talk to us about his book Privateers and Torpedo Men of Stonington.

Our Christmas party was a great success, with 26 North Stonington and 19 visitors present.  The live manger scene had the Tim Rose family as Mary and Joseph and nine-month old Mia as the baby.  There were beautiful little angels with tinsel halos, three wise men and a shepherd.  Then Santa arrived, to the delight of all the little ones present.  Music for the evening was provided by Jenn Watrous, Reese Main and Sue Pianka on the piano, Noah Brown on the drum, and solos by Thurlow Coats, Jason Miner (accompanied by Cheree) Jim Patton, Bev Robertson, Marcia Smith and Nancy Weissmuller.  A small but enthusiastic group caroled around town on the 19th delivering fruit baskets to members we miss.  And if those nasty storms that have been hitting all around us will just stay away, next time I’ll tell you all about jolly January.

Feb. 13:  “Flabbergasted”

Feb. 27:  “Shock”


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