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No. Stonington Community Grange January News

By Nancy Weissmuller

  JANUARY 7, 2015 --

On November 14 we learned a great deal about the emerald ash borer and the winter moth.  Katherine Dugas, from the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey, told us how these pests have infiltrated our state and are causing significant damage to our trees.

Our January programs look very interesting.  On the 9th Wally Nerberger from First Physical Therapy will advise us on fall prevention and impart other helpful information for seniors.  On the 23rd Jeff Schneider will tell us of his experiences as a senior pyrotechnician with Grucci Fireworks.  Hope to see good crowds at these meetings.  And if that pesky black cat that keeps prowling around my bird feeders will just learn to stay home, next time I’ll tell you all about delicious December.


Jan. 9: “Bolt from the Blue”

Jan. 23: “Bombshell!”


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