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2014-2016 Officers & Committees of the Connecticut State Grange Announced
  NOVEMBER 2, 2014 --

During the 130th Annual CT State Grange Convention in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, in October, delegates elected a new slate of officers.  Committees were appointed by new CT State Grange President Noel Miller.

Master/President -- Noel T. Miller (Coventry Grange)

Overseer -- George Russell (Riverton Grange)

Lecturer -- Marge Bernhardt (Cheshire Grange)

Steward -- Rob Buck (Oxford Grange)

A. Steward -- Ted Powell (Lyme Grange)

L.A. Steward -- Eloise Osuch (Bethlehem Grange)

Chaplain -- Charles Dimmick (Cheshire Grange)

Treasurer -- Jody A. Cameron (Ekonk Grange)

Secretary -- Todd A. Gelineau (Winchester Grange)

Gatekeeper -- Ross Stands (Cheshire Grange)

Ceres -- Karen Macdonald (Redding Grange)

Pomona -- Debbie Barnes (N. Stonington Grange)

Flora -- Carol Hnath (Echo Grange)

Ex. Comm. -- Gordon Gibson (Vernon Grange)

Ex. Comm. -- Jeff Barnes (N. Stonington Grange)

Ex. Comm. -- F. Philip Prelli (Riverton Grange)

Ex. Comm. -- A. Ruel Miller (Cheshire Grange)

Ex. Comm. -- Robert Sendewicz (Redding Grange)

Pianist -- Mary Lou Keefe (Winchester Grange)



General Deputy -- Donald Lanoue (Cheshire Grange)

Deputy East -- James Palmer (Echo Grange)

Deputy West -- Peter Keefe (Riverton Grange)

1.) Central Pomona -- Cindy Charbonneau (Meriden Grange)

3.)  E. Central Pomona -- Kay Ruff (Glastonbury Grange)

5.)  New Haven County Pomona -- Carl Bernhardt (Cheshire Grange)

6.)  New London County Pomona -- Jeff Barnes (N. Stonington Grange)

7.)  Excelsior Pomona -- Ron Fischer (Beacon Valley Grange)

9.)  Fairfield County Pomona -- Geno Piacentini (Redding Grange)



Family Activities/CWA -- Irene Percoski (Dir.) (Enfield Grange)

Marge Sendewicz (Redding Grange)

Cindy Legg (Beacon Valley Grange)

Edith Schoell (Manchester Grange)

Mary Lou Raymond (Prospect Grange)


Membership -- Maggie Buck (Oxford Grange)

Ted Beebe (Norwich Grange)


Junior -- Michelle DeDominicis (Dir.) (Hillstown Grange)


Legislative -- Alma Graham (Dir.) (Echo Grange)

Charles Dimmick (Cheshire Grange)

Russell Gray (Ekonk Community Grange)

Gordon Gibson (Vernon Grange)

George Ward (Harmony Grange)


Public Relations -- Terri Fassio (Co-Dir.) (Winchester Grange)

Bob Charbonneau (Co-Dir.) (Meriden Grange)

Frank Forrest (Hillstown Grange)

Don Offinger (Cannon Grange)

Martha Trask (Cheshire Grange)


Social Connection -- Joanne Cipriano (Dir.) (Beacon Valley Grange)

Betty Jane Gardiner (Simsbury Grange)

Barbara Robert (Prospect Grange)


Community Service -- George & Sharon Russell (Riverton Grange)


** Additional appointments will be made/announced as information becomes available.


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