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Noel Miller Elected 37th CT State Grange President

By Terri Fassio, Public Relations Co-Director

  OCTOBER 18, 2014 --

The Connecticut State Grange has named Noel Miller of Coventry, CT, as its new President effective October 18, 2014. 

He will be responsible for managing the numerous officers and committees as well as engaging in activities to further the Grange's mission of community service, family-focused activities, agricultural advocacy and legislative initiatives.  He will be representing the interests of more than 50 Community Granges and 8 County Granges across Connecticut.

Miller brings more than 40 years of experience in Grange activities, leadership, and public affairs, both statewide in Connecticut and on the local level in Coventry. He has held many positions in the Grange through the years, including most recently as Steward of the CT State Grange, and has worked his way up the Grange ladder to become the 37th President of the Connecticut State Grange.

Grange is in Miller’s blood as he comes from a family of multi-generational Grange members.  He worked as Fire Chief for his local Volunteer Fire Department, and also has many years experience working on a commercial dairy farm as well as working at the Dairy Farm at UCONN.  Noel and his wife Marcia have two children. 

About the Connecticut State Grange:  The Connecticut State Grange has been an integral part of rural and non-rural communities across the state for 130 years, with currently more than 50 local Grange chapters in Connecticut. Local Granges are committed to bettering their communities through service projects and family orientated activities.

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