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North Stonington Comm. Grange October News Update

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  OCTOBER 5, 2014 --

We are sad to relate we have lost two more members to the Great Grange Above.  Horace Knight, a Golden Sheaf member, and Marge Penley, a long-time member, have gone on before us.

Our August programs were lots of fun.  On the 8th the ladies all became pirates looking for new members of their crew.  The men were the candidates and proved adept at throwing a pink cannonball around, constructing Jolly Rogers, picking up pretzels with their “hooks” and following treasure maps.  On the 22nd the Men’s Program, based on horse racing, offered learning and laughter to the ladies.  We are still trying to figure out Jason’s trick and Jeff’s rendition of “Beetlebomb” by Spike Jones sure brought back memories.

The Legislative Committee has the first meeting in October.  Let’s see what Nick has in mind for us.  Dig out the costumes and pack up the kids and grandkids on Oct. 24 because the ghosts and gremlins take over the hall for the evening.  The party starts at 7:30, with games, prizes and fun, followed by refreshments and our annual cup social to raise money for Christmas baskets.  

And if those pesky bees that keep scaring my hummingbirds away from the feeder will just take a hike, next time I’ll tell you about sweet September.


Oct. 10:  “Incredulity”

Oct. 24:  “Stupefaction”- Halloween Party starts at 7:30


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