Friday, October 23, 2020
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Meriden Grange Blog: The Sunflowers Are Blooming

By Robert Charbonneau

  SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 --

Our Vice-President, Michael Relyea planted, several years ago, sunflowers near the South wall of Meriden Grange Hall.  The sunflowers have grown each year hence.  This year was no exception.  At the time of our 2014 Meriden Grange Fair, this year's batch was in full bloom.  The vibrant difference of yellow and red petals have added depth.  It has also attracted a noticeable amount of bees this year.  I've taken a number of photos.

Meriden Grange supports the efforts of Horticulture and Agriculture.  This has been so since Meriden Grange was formed almost one-hundred thirty years ago.  Next year  on March 27th will be our anniversary.  We will be updating our Blog as this anniversary comes closer.

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