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North Stonington Comm. Grange September News Update

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 --

Our 50th North Stonington Agricultural Fair was a great success with over 12,000 paid attendance.  Thanks to all who contributed to its success.  Our amazing sand sculpture is still standing, although the moon mysteriously "set" during the 4H Exposition.

Sue’s programs this year look really exciting.  On September 12, Bill Palmer, a "Wreck Diver" will tell us all about his experiences with U-384, the German U-Boat that was sunk off Long Island during WWII.  On September 26, Greg Howard will give a demonstration of police dog training with his dog, Fritz (Hmmm!).

On July 18 we were happy to welcome Jim Palmer into membership.  Then we put him right to work in the food booth at the 4H Expo and he did a great job!  Speaking of the Food Booth, we want to send a big thank you to all who helped- especially faithful Ellie and Bev, who spend all day in the heat and chaos of the booth all three days, and Flo who works on all aspects of the booth for weeks.  And if those pesky thunderstorms that seem to turn into tornadoes will just stay away from Connecticut, next time I’ll tell you all about awesome August.


Sept. 12:  “Revelation”

Sept. 26:  “Amazement”


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