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North Stonington Comm. Grange August News Update

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  AUGUST 2, 2014 --

At our June 13 meeting all officers were elected to serve for another year under Master Robert Miner.  Sue had a Father’s Day program that included history, poetry and many dadisms that were familiar to all of us.

Twenty-five members and friends enjoyed our annual picnic on June 27.  Hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas were augmented with delicious side dishes and desserts provided by the group.  Sue had games for the youngsters and others enjoyed neighboring in the warm evening sun.  The squirt guns and mosquitoes always seem to show up at the same moment, and signal an end to an enjoyable get-together.

Our August meetings give Sue and the feast committee a well-deserved rest.  On August 8 the ladies will provide the program while the men provide the refreshments (always a culinary treat).  On the 22nd the tables are turned with the ladies trying to live up to the feast provided by the men (and the men trying to).  Please come and visit.  And if the little turtle that Alexis saved from certain death the other day will just stay off the road, next time I’ll tell you all about joyous July.


Aug. 8:  Sailing Under False Colors

Aug. 22:  Hold Your Horses


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