Saturday, December 05, 2020
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North Stonington Community Grange News for May

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  MAY 5, 2014 --

On March 14 we had an enjoyable, old-fashioned program where we learned about all the special days in March.  We blew bubbles, learned to crochet, made up limericks and ate potato chips all in their honor.  On March 28 our Lecturer put on her special “Three Cheers for the USA” program and we all dressed up in costume and helped celebrate.  Looks like another winner for Sue.  Our special guest accompanist was Kenny Huebner, who delighted us all with his wonderful piano playing.

Our May 9 program will feature a speaker from MASH- no, not the TV show  It will be the Mystic Area Shelter and Hospitality Group.  On May 23 we will have our Memorial program.  And if the peepers who are finally peeping will just stay unfrozen, next time I’ll tell you all about awesome April.


May 9:  “As Poor as a Church Mouse”

May 10:  We host New London County Pomona’s 5th Degree

May 23:  “In Seventh Heaven”

May 30:  2-4-5 Club


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