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North Stonington Community Grange News for April

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  APRIL 5, 2014 --

We are sad to report the passing of a longtime Granger, Marjorie Gavitt.  She has joined the Great Grange above.

At our February 14 meeting Andy Rauch, one of our newest members (and second youngest) presented an awe-inspiring piano recital to a very appreciative audience.  Our hall was filled with the music of Mozart and other classical guests.  We sincerely hope Sue has Andy signed up for a repeat performance next year.

On Feb. 28 Robert Miner, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, treated us to a Power Point presentation on “Soil Fertility Basics.”  He was ably assisted by his son, Jason Miner, on the computer.  Cheree Miner regaled us with jokes and riddles on farm life.

Our April programs sound really interesting and the refreshments are always delicious.  Why not put the dates on your calendar and join us.  And if this next huge storm that is predicted to drop another 6-plus inches on us will just decide to go out to sea to our south, next time I’ll tell you all about marvelous March.


Apr. 11:  “To Eat Salt With” “Stonington & CT in the Great Depression”

Apr. 25:  “The Biggest Frog in the Puddle” Community Citizen


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