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Ekonk Community Grange participates in Turkey Can-Can
  JANUARY 3, 2014 --

Nine members of Ekonk Community Grange were involved in the First Annual “Turkey Can-Can” 3.5 mile road race with benefited Project Pin (the food pantry for Sterling and Plainfield).  Sterling’s Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm (owners are also Ekonk Grange members) sponsored the event and the first 50 runners received free t-shirts shown in picture accompanying this article by Ekonk members Robin Cousens (right) and her daughter Ashley, who also ran in the race.

Many of the runners were members of the “169 Society” (runners that attend a race in every town in Connecticut).  There were a total of 7 runners from Sterling.

Hanna Rouillard (a teen), from Pine Hill Road in Sterling, placed 2nd in her division and 39th overall.  First Selectman (and Grange member) Russell Gray welcomed everyone at the starting line and extended best wishes to all contestants, while thanking everyone for their generosity in supporting Project Pin, which helps the needy in both Sterling and Plainfield.

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