Sunday, November 29, 2020
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North Stonington Community Grange News for December

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  DECEMBER 7, 2013 --

It saddens us to report that yet another of our Golden Sheaf members has gone to the Great Grange Above.  Frank Limpert passed away on October 9.

On Oct. 11 Nick Mullane, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, filled us in on the candidates in the upcoming election.  On October 25 over 70 (mostly) strangely dressed members and guests trooped up the stairs to enjoy our annual Halloween Party.  Prizes were awarded to the prettiest, funniest, scariest and most original costumes in four age groups.  Then the youngsters played such varied games as Pin the Tail on the Cat, Bowling for Witches, Sweep the Creeps and Pass the Pumpkin, with prizes for all.  After a Mad Lib was formulated and giggled over, all adjourned downstairs for refreshments and our annual cup social.  Proceeds of the cup social will help purchase Christmas fruit baskets.

Our December meeting will be short because it will be immediately followed by our annual Christmas Party with Santa as our special guest.  If you would like to carol around town delivering fruit baskets, come to the hall at 6:30 on December 20.  And if all those leaves in our gutters will just magically fly away, next time I’ll tell you all about neat November.

Dec. 13:  “The Alpha and Omega”


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