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News from Ekonk Community Junior Grange for November

By Rebecca Gervais

  NOVEMBER 10, 2013 --

Hi from Ekonk Junior!  We held our Installation on September 20th, we had 42 people present.  We also received our badges.  The badge ceremony is so nice!  10 Juniors earned 14 badges.  Good job kids!  We voted to send sister Marion Emmons as our delegate to State Session.

At our October meeting we welcomed in new member, Julia Torres.  We also had company from Richmond Junior Grange and Voluntown neighbors.  It was a fun night.  We had halloween poems, jokes, a team game to find the pumpkins, and how many candy corn?  Emily and Jared both guessed one less than what was in the jar.  Pretty cool, guys!  Great estimating skills!

We voted to purchase 10 gallons of juice and cups, for a town-wide halloween party.  Our Grange party was the 25th, and the town’s party is the 26th.  It was a busy weekend.

Oct. 14 found us picking apples, as well as making cider and apple crisp.  Yum-yum!  Great way to spend Columbus Day!

We have been selling chocolate bars to raise money for our “travel fund” and so far we have raised $237.02!  Not too bad, lucky chocolate is an easy sell, and we have a couple of honorary members who are willing to take the boxes to work!  Thanks!  We are very fortunate to have such support from our honorary members.

We are going to start rehearsals for our Christmas play, just after Halloween.  Hard to think about Christmas already.

We compiled our reports for State and National and found that we donated over $1,750.00 throughout our last Grange year!  Pretty good for a bunch of kids.  I am very proud of our little group.  Feel free to visit us, anytime!

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