Saturday, December 05, 2020
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North Stonington Community Grange News for November

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  NOVEMBER 5, 2013 --

We have draped our charter for two more Golden Sheaf members.

Audrey Gruber, who faithfully made fried dough for us in our food booth at the 4H Expo for years and Gene Speck, a past Master and dedicated worker in the building of the North Stonington Agricultural Fair have joined the Great Grange above.

We voted to provide dictionaries to the third graders in our town again this year, the Boy Scouts will hold a spaghetti dinner in our hall on Nov. 2, and Wheeler will be holding a yard sale to benefit Chikumbuso on October 5.  Our Grange continues to keep busy helping the people and organizations of North Stonington.

The Jody Cameron/ Jeff Barnes Installing team installed Robert Miner and his slate of officers in an impressive, candlelight ceremony on September 27.  As we listen to the beautiful words of the ritual we look forward to another year of Community Service and good fellowship.  And if the weather continues to cooperate and keep any nasty storms from descending upon us, next time I’ll tell you all about opulent October.


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