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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for July

By Rebecca Gervais

  JULY 10, 2013 --

We held our Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale.  Profits always go to a local children’s charity.  This year, we found out that a second grader at Sterling Community School, who was born with a heart condition, now has leukemia.  His prognosis is good, however, it has been a lot of miles traveled and missed work for his single mom.  We voted to send the family to Roger Williams Zoo, to just have a normal family activity. We also voted to give them the balance of our profit towards whatever they may need.  Our plant sale and bake sale made a total of $394.00, and we also voted to round that up to $400.00.

We voted to have a Pledge contest.  For every member who SHOWS that they memorized the pledge, their name will be put into a drawing.  The drawing will be for 2 free ice cream sundaes at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm.  Lots of interest!

A small, hearty, bunch of us joined Windham County’s 4-H Trailblazers, and went for a tour of the Trout Hatchery in Central Village.  We learned a lot, and were able to feed some fish!  Then some of us tried fishing, some went for short walks, but, ALL enjoyed the fire and hot dogs with the rest of our picnic!  It was ch-ch-chilly!

We had a float in the Sterling Memorial Day Parade.  Ethan Jordan did a GREAT job as tractor driver!  We tossed out lollipops to all of the kids watching the parade, it was fun!  We are ever so thankful to all those who have served our country.

The Sterling library is having a Kick-off Summer Reading Celebration.  We voted to buy enough sand for the new sandbox, and to “man” it.  The summer reading theme is “Dig into Reading”, so the kids will be able to dig treasures out of the sandbox.

At our June meeting, Lillian Sharpe thrilled us with an opening song, that was reminiscent of Indian tom-toms!  Cool!  Then Allyson DiNola and Lillian sang “You’re a Grand Ole Flag”.  Jenna Wesa then played “Merrily We Roll Along” on her recorder.  Talented bunch of girls!

We have elected a new slate of officers.  Our new President is Carly Sebastian, Vice President will be Alisa Bessette, Conner Sebastian will remain as our Program Director, Steward will be Russell Sharpe, Lillian Sharpe will be Assistant Steward for a third year and Allyson DiNola will be our Lady Assistant for a third year as well.  Jenna Wesa will stay on as Chaplain, Emily Bonner will remain our Treasurer, and Maria Angelone will continue to be our Secretary.  Brianna Gervais will complete our slate as Greeter.  CONGRATULATIONS to ALL! We will be going camping the weekend after school gets out.  Which is the 27th!  LATE!  Congratulations to all of our graduating 8th graders: Irenil Fishlock, Clifford and Trevor Gervais, Andrew Hawkins, Carly Sebastian, Jonathan Sarette, and Karyn Stamper.

We are a busy bunch!  Come and join the fun, ANYTIME!

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