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Sendewicz’ Golden Anniversary Celebrated

By Robert Charbonneau, CT State Grange Co-Director of Public Relations

  JUNE 30, 2013 --

Bob and Marge Sendewicz entered a full hall on Monday, June 24 for Redding Grange’s meeting, inspection night, and surprise 50th Anniversary event for them.  Distinquished guests included Don Lanoue, Pomona Deputy West; Mildred Bell, Phil and Maureen Prelli, Past Voting Delegates to National Grange; Jeff and Debbie Barnes, State Overseer & Pomona; Rob Buck, State Gatekeeper; Charles Dimmick and George Ward, members of the State Legislative Committee, and many more.

A brief business meeting was held and just after Phil Prelli spoke under suggestions, the lights went out in the hall and the emergency light came on and remained that way until the end of the meeting.  After the meeting was closed, some members brought in flashlights, and candles were set up for light.  A reception was held in the main hall despite the power outage.  Before the reception broke up, a surprise guest arrived, CT State Senator Robert Duff arrived with two proclamations.  The first was a proclamation from the CT State Senate celebrating Bob and Marge’s 50th Anniversary.  The second proclamation was from the office of Governor Dan Malloy for the same purpose.

Congratulations to two devoted and hard working Grnagers, Bob and Marge Sendewicz.

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