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Postcard Depicts Rural Outing and Camaraderie

By Robert Charbonneau, President

  JUNE 20, 2013 --

Once in a while we acquire new items to share with everyone.  Such is the case with a postcard found on E-Bay of a picnic held in 1910 at Spruce Glen Falls located on the Meriden / Wallingford line in the southeastern portion of Meriden.  The postcard depicts a photo of Spruce Glen Falls and details in prose of the picnic held there.  The postcard itself was perhaps a souvenir of the event. 

The postcard was produced by a a German printing company with good detail available for a printed item over a hundred years old.  Some damage was found on the front panel.  This was in the form of creases, general damage, and missing spots of photo - possibly from contact with other objects over time.  The photo was digitally reconstructed in Photoshop along with utilizing Photoshop features and filters to brighten and enhance it to bring out the photo details and colors almost lost to time.  The combined picture of both the front and rear panels can be viewed by opening up our Historical section on our www.meridengrange.org website.

A previous example of Grange members taking group excursions is a trip to Glen Island by steamboat in 1897.  Glen Island is located close to New York City.  A ticket from that excursion is also in our historical section.

Even though they didn't have the encumbrances, cell phones, electronic devices and the like, Grange members and their families and friends attended these events to enjoy each other's company.

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